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I’m finding it particularly difficult to keep to myself this month. The temptation to just totally expose him for his behavior is really tempting. Every time I go on facebook, there’s a new post about abusive partners, womens rights, etc, etc, etc. I think its great, and it makes me super angry that he dosnt see himself in that behavior. Stupid I know. A narcissist will never admit that his behavior is out of line. I KNOW this, but it still makes me mad.

One time I did make a post about how calling names is verbally abusive on my facebook page, and he FLIPPED. Of Course he did, it hit really close to home. And of course, then he started constantly accusing ME of EMOTIONALLY manipulating him. I suppose talking about how something makes me feel and refusing to talk to him when hes being a monster is abusive…

Anyway, I really do like this movie HBO is doing. The idea is to show the world why you cant always “just leave”. It of course follows a woman who is being physically abused as well as verbal and emotional abuse, which is really the only time you can get the police involved to try and help protect you. Its not as simple as moving out, but people who have never dealt with someone who does not conform to the normal idea of sanity would not understand this. Hopefully, this makes things a little clearer and our society will stop allowing this kind of situation to be blamed on the victim, and making concessions for violent men!

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