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  I know I kinda went MIA lately. I suppose in some ways I was terrified of being all “I left him!!! Whoohoo!!!” and then falling on my face or going back to him or some total idiocy like that. But rest assured, that’s not going to happen. I’m cured. No longer the least bit interested in his games and I see right through all his shit (the jerk stuff and the trying to be “nice” stuff) which pisses him right off and is my secret guilty pleasure to make him irritated by not letting him give me stuff… lol!...
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How to tell if YOU’RE the Problem in your Relationship

How to Tell If YOU’RE the Problem In Your Relationship Love Me at My Worst I read an excellent article today over at the Huffington Post. Excellent that is, if your in a normal relationship. If I Cant Accept You at Your Worst, Maybe You Should Stop Being So Horrible is awesome advice for people if you are married or partnered with a Narcissist, simply because that is really their attitude about everything. They believe they are entitled to your absolute devotion, no matter what they do to you. But the danger is then, the advice can easily be turned against...
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8 Self Care Tips

One of the things I have noticed is as time has gone on and I have been subjected to the Narcissist, I have kind-of given up on myself. There was a time my nails were buffed, my hair stayed neatly cut and dyed, my legs were waxed or shaved. I don’t really take the time to take care of myself at all anymore, but I’m trying to start back up. These things are essential for us as women to feel like we matter! I do understand however, that suddenly getting all glammed up can be a problem for women in...
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Complex PTSD

So, I stumbled across a fun little tidbit the other day, apparently, Complex PTSD actually changes the physical characteristics of your brain. I have been reeling a little from this, and also re-examining the way I view my relationship and the name I’m giving the abuse he is inflicting on me. I mean, technically, he is changing my physical being in a hateful way, so is that not then, physical abuse? The research did study soldiers, not the victims of abusive partners, and having never been in actual war zones, I cannot compare our experiences, though I would imagine their is much...
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