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When Does Bible say Divorce Acceptable?

When Does Bible Say Divorce is Right? First off, I am not going to preach about does Bible say divorce is evil. I think God gave us divorce for a reason, if you are with a Narcissist, you have good in your soul and he/she is feeding off you. Also, while I don’t believe every word of the Bible is to be followed (because, bacon!) as far as living a good life full of love, there is a lot great information there. I do believe in God, I believe He loves me and you immeasurably, I also believe there is...
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The Power of Our Community

Harnessing the Power of our Community Alright guys, I have been doing a lot of soul searching about this site and how I can use what we have built to best benefit our community here and the world, and I am implementing something new. I want to harness the power of our community and share a family/ spouses crowdfunding page who is escaping from an abusive situation, each month. There will be a few requirements, of course. And as much as I want to, I know I won’t be able to share everyones stories. But we as a group can help to...
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